JCAA's Lighting Design Professionals integrate functional and aesthetic illumination into a project's overall architectural objectives. Our approach balances the architectural aesthetic aspirations and desired lighting effects with both performance and energy code compliance requirements. We strive to arrive at a mutually agreed upon design criteria to ensure to competing priorities of architectural design, lighting effect and/or issues involving energy code compliance are established early in the project. Our commitment to and experience on "pre-planning" of project interior spaces provides tremendous value to our client and the project.

Furthermore, the blending of lighting and associated control systems has become a necessity from both an energy and energy code as well as a maintenance standpoint. This can include "local" as well as "system" approach to control. Often times the most economical resolution is a combination of both.

Interior Lighting and Control Design

  • The coordination required to determine room reflectance's necessary for energy efficient lighting.
  • Provide a 3D computational model for illumination analysis as required for understanding and lighting environment.
  • The implementation or creation of "lighting to look at" to ensure compatibility; based on its scale, finish, colors and energy consumption with the architectural environment.
  • Integrate LEED certification requirements into the design criteria.
  • Engineered Lighting Control systems that encompass the flexibility for change in the scope of use, integration with the BMS, project expansion and/or off site network interface.
  • For energy modeling including Daylight Modeling for lighting LEED analysis.

Exterior Lighting And Control Design

  • Site photometric plan(s) to comply with LEED criteria and local codes for Planning Department Review.
  • All necessary mounting details, illustrations and/or photometric reports required for Planning Department Review.
  • Engineered control systems designed to allow compliance with local codes Building Management System (BMS) integration.