What We Do

JCAA's Electrical engineers integrate functional and aesthetic illumination and reliable effective power distribution into each project we design. Through our diverse project experience, we have the know how to design effective electrical systems from high-rise building needing legally required standby power, down to TI’s requiring egress lighting and luxury POS standby power. While we understand power distribution, we also understand that lighting design can have a lasting impression. Our lighting approach balances the architectural aesthetic aspirations and desired lighting effects with both performance and energy code compliance requirements. We strive to communicate and guide our clients towards a design that ensures to balance competing priorities of architectural design, lighting effect, and energy efficiency early in our projects. Our commitment to and experience on "pre-planning" of project interior spaces provides tremendous value to our client and the project.

Experienced and Multi-Disciplined Team

JCAA has multiple engineers on staff that have been providing power and electrical for decades across multiple states. Our expertise includes lighting and power design for retail stores, office buildings, hotels, high rises, restaurant, retail, and offices. JCAA understands the importance of integrating power saving technologies and lighting controls into your project as well as keeping lighting and power systems user friendly and cost effective. As we have grown with our clients over the years, we have strived to help integrate all these new technologies in a cost-effective manner. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects on time and on budget. Whether you require a space with high lighting design or strive to build a sustainable/low impact green building with onsite renewable energy, we have the staff to help.